Programme Residential
Size 43000 m²
Location Bandung, Indonesia
Client Kopelland
Status Ongoing 2015, under construction TeamExpand list
Swarnabumi Residence
The two residential high rise towers containing over 1100 small apartment units at Kiaracondong, Bandung are designed to provide the future residents with ample public space and facilities in form of surrounding landscape, at ground and first floor, but also via vertical sky gardens. The double loaded corridor typology is broken down into two segments for better orientation towards North-South (shading) but also to avoid long corridors. As a result the lifts are placed in between the two residential volumes and connecting each side of the apartment tower with bridges. Residents who step out of the lifts will first experience a vista over the city rather than an enclosed space. In addition, the sky gardens are allocated at the lifts as well, enhancing the lively areas with open spaces for gathering.